DJ Envy has given himself the ominous title of "Pusher of Love," or at least that's how he views himself vis-a-vis his edgier co-hosts in the square circle. On the latest episode of the Casey Crew podcast, Envy and his wife explained their ongoing feud with Desus & Mero, who if you may recall, made a joke at the expense of the couple's extramarital issues. Well it seemed as though both parties had come to a respectful arrangement, putting aside any deep-seated issues. It appears Envy and Gia are simply not over it.

During the podcast, Envy recounted how difficult it was to parlay the negative over to his son.

“With the Desus and Mero situation, I showed Logan exactly what I did. As a man and as a father my only job is to protect and provide for this family, I told him when you get married and you have children, no matter what anybody says you do what you feel from the heart. You instilled that in me the way you are in this world about people—-People have lost their honor. They’ve lost their way about themselves. People would rather trade being right for a check. Like being a standup person for getting a check."

Gia's lingering anger stems from the fact money was brought into the equation. If it hadn't maybe the jokes would have landed without a fuss. Desus & Mero represent a corner which upholds a comedian's right to make jokes about public figures. Both sides are rigid in their defense. We'll have to wait and see if this blows over.

Listen to episode in full right here.