Quentin Miller was thrusted into the rap limelight this past summer, when his name was dragged into the now-infamous Meek Mill and Drake ghostwriting beef. It happened to jump-start his personal rap career, though (perhaps to the ire of those he'd previously been ghostwriting for), and he's since released multiple records.

While Drake came out basically unscathed from the rap beef, there was still the matter of Quentin Miller's leaked reference track, however for the most part, that's been pushed to the back of our minds. It was a hot topic for a minute though, with Funk Flex being the one who aired it, but ultimately, fingers pointing to DJ Drama as the leaker. By fingers pointing, I mean DJ Drama's ex-wife.

The Gangsta Grillz host has now gone on record to deny leaking Drake's reference track while talking to Elliott Wilson and B. Dot during the RapRadar podcast.

"I definitely am not no leaker of no records," he tells them. "The records that I put out, I put out records that people give me blessings to put out. I gotta lay that to rest. None of that shit was from me."

He continued to expand, "My thing more than anything in what we've learned from the whole thing is how powerful social media is. It's like The Force. It can be used for the Dark Side or it can be used for the Good Side. With respect to those guys, that's not really my story to tell. They're gonna have to tell that story. They're gonna have to come and say what it was."

[via HHDX]