The iconic "Linen" Nike Air Force 1 will be making a return this week, 15 years after the shoes originally released as part of the “Concept Japan” Collection. However, this release is going to make purchasing some Yeezy Boosts look like a piece of cake. 

The tan and pink AF1s will be releasing exclusively at Kith's Miami flagship store located at 1931 Collins Ave, which will be holding its grand opening tomorrow, December 2nd. What's more, the legendary sneakers will reportedly be limited to just 50 pairs ranging from size 8-13. 

Noted sneaker connoisseur DJ Clark Kent reflected on the original release of the Linen AF1s and how he managed to snag 11 pairs out in Tokyo. Read what he had to say below.

Per Nike:

"The Linen is an absolutely beautiful execution of the perfect sneaker. The color way is simple, clean and different— but not scary. Nobody would dream to wear a shoe with pink swooshes in the U.S. at the time. But, when NYC saw these, minds changed, and it became an instant classic."

"I learned about them because one of my friends from Japan told me that some tan and pink Airs were coming out. I had him find out when, and the best part was I was headed out to Tokyo the week after. Being a certified sneaker junkie, I called the promoter who was hosting me. I asked him to change my flight date to arrive the day before the release — one week prior to the date I was actually working. Complaining about extra hotel costs, he said “no.” I made a deal: Fly me in, put me in the hotel for the 7 days, and I will DJ for free. Needless to say, he gave in."

"On the morning of the release, I got a chauffeur, drove to as many sneaker shops as possible, and bought every size 11.5 I could find. It was Tokyo, no size 12's! When I was done, I had 11 pair. Every single pair...WORTH IT."