You either love DJ Akademiks or you hate him. Most of you dislike him but you've got to admit that he has a good eye for what's hot. He constantly knows what's trending and posts some dramatic and share-worthy moments on a daily basis. The co-host of Everyday Struggle is undoubtedly an influential figure in the culture. He's worked closely with Complex in the past and he's just signed on to be the host of their new series, which makes sense when you think of it.

Ak will often stream his gaming sessions on Twitch so the fact that he's hosting a new video game show is not entirely surprising. Complex announced the news, noting that he's excited to start working in another area he's passionate about. The show will be titled On The Sticks and Ak will be facing off against different celebrities on the Xbox One X. Premiering this Friday, Lil Yachty will be the special guest as the duo chats about the culture, music, games, and more. According to the report, punishments will be handed to the loser of each segment. The details aren't too clear about what the losers will have to do but they say it will "really hit home."

On The Sticks will premiere on November 9. Are you tuning in?