DJ Akademiks ups the anti in his exchange with Nicki Minaj. So far, the artist doesn't seem to name him directly in her posts but Akademics is taking vicious shots anyway. The smoke comes from her commenting on one of his posts, categorizing it as "fake news." Since DJ's prediction of her coming in second on the Billboard 200 charts was correct, he made sure to post up.

The public figure uploaded one of his tweets to Instagram. It effectively calls Nicki Minaj a liar.

"Rappers are professional liars. I been said that. I don't want none of y'all ever to refer to anything I'm associated with as fake news ever again in your life."

He then reposted some of Nicki's tweets and labeled them as excuses. In one of them, Nicki tries to expose Spotify for playing favorites, by comparing their treatment of the female emcee with that of Drake. Akademiks responds by dismissing Nicki's concern as a "conspiracy" theory.

"Nicki throws Spotify n drake under the bus. 😂😂. Somebody gotta tell sis that drake got OvO radio on Apple Music just like she got queen radio.... Spotify just f*cked wit him cuz he was the popping thing to do at that moment. Spotify cares about $ they ain’t into conspiracies"

Another one of Nicki's tweets deepens her point about Drake as she reveals that Spotify "took away my promotion" to "teach me a lesson."

According to DJ, this is simply another excuse.

"Nicki uses drake as an example to say Spotify rewarded drake for all the same sh*t I’m doing and punished me."

His latest post is laced with humor. The upload is a screenshot of one of his tweets that says, "somebody tell Nicki to use the 'Drake didn't post my album excuse'...that one works well n it's actually true lol"

"Drake we blaming this whole thing on u fam..... this could have been avoided"