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DJ Akademiks Reportedly Facing Jail Time

  Jan 03, 2018 13:27
The #FreeAK movement has already begun.

2018 is only a few days old, but it's already starting off on a wild note. DJ Akademiks, known for building his own personal media empire (complete with a loyal following) and co-hosting Everyday Struggle, is apparently facing jail time. It's not clear as to why the media personality may be locked up, but the #freeAK hashtags are already flowing. A few videos have surfaced from his live streams, in which he alludes to his upcoming court date, telling fans "if I'm gone for the next couple weeks man, listen man, it was real. I never been to jail before."

Footage of Ak's court appearance has also surfaced, compiled in video format below. The clip also shows more footage from Ak's stream, in which he gives claims "they might lock a n***a up in the morning (3:27)...caught a little case, you feel me? I thought about running, but I didn't kill nobody. The worst they could give me is like five to ten years. I could snitch on like five people and probably get a couple of months, that's a joke, that's a joke." 

As of now, the story is still developing. We'll keep you posted as more details surface, and hopefully we can get more on Ak's potential incarceration by the end of the day. As it stands, his fanbase is keeping him locked down, so if any of ya'll are frequent viewers of Ak's twitch, feel free to sound off below. It does raise an interesting question, however...did this have anything to do with Everyday Struggle's sudden implosion? 

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top comment
Scotch Johnson
- Jan 3, 2018

Hopefully we can get a Youtube web series of Meek and Ak being cellmates in prison. Meek writes bar and vents to Ak about how Back To Back ruined his life, and Af tries to keep Fleece Johnson from getting his booty. I'd watch

oh god wen he gets out he's going too have more gay stories to tell then he did last year

Nales Smith
- Jan 5, 2018

You gonna have some trouble in jail with them thick thighs

- Jan 5, 2018

Who ever wrote this article is trash (joe budden voice) you gave zero information about whats going on which was all available at the time you wrote this. If anyone wants to know he was DUI &+ had a unregistered weapon in the car.

Cognac Papi
- Jan 4, 2018

How they catch JERRY so quick, when it took TOM so many years?

- Jan 4, 2018

All them comments on everyday struggle about aks having cheeks full of nuts. We dreamed this into reality people. This shit is our fault LOOOL

- Jan 4, 2018

who is going to do the coverage for this?

- Jan 4, 2018

I wouldn’t wish jail on anyone ever. It’s crazy though when Joe was telling him about the system on everyday struggle and how he doesn’t understand it until he’s been affected by it now look smh. I hope this man doesn’t get locked up he’s bitch but that doesn’t mean I want to see him lose his freedom.

- Jan 4, 2018

Sound like personal problem

Kendall Taylor
- Jan 4, 2018

man free AK all yall hater some joe budden fans

Dmv soldier
- Jan 4, 2018

Hope AK don't drop the soap 😩🤔😩

- Jan 4, 2018

Can't really feel sorry for dude. He acts like a scary bitch too much & keeps trying to make assholes popular

Rocky Balboa
- Jan 4, 2018

He a bitch anyhow.......

Spanish Harlem
- Jan 4, 2018

This nigga is a clown. Go to jail, nobody will miss yo wack ass.

Baraka Obama
- Jan 4, 2018

i never seen this nigga without his hat

Should’ve gone to jail a long time ago for promoting simp behavior

Ezekiel Elliott
- Jan 4, 2018

This dude needs to be locked up for bein wack as fuck. .

- Jan 3, 2018

He happy this happened to give him some sort of street cred but deep inside he know he still a lil faggot dweeb

They need to finally send Kendricks goblin ass to jail, god knows he deserves it

- Jan 4, 2018

Right all them beats he murdered

- Jan 4, 2018

That's true my nigga, because he killed every fuc king track.. Fucking psychopath

LMAO! This nigga Ak on his marketing shit lol.. I don't know what the fuck he doin, but I fuck with it.

Playboi Shawty
- Jan 3, 2018

fuck what Joe said. academics is a street nigga #FreeAK

Dipset in 03
- Jan 3, 2018

Shut up pussy. If you think AK a street nigga I know you a straight up pussy nigga yaself. Momma probably ashamed of you

Yung Patel
- Jan 4, 2018

AK-47, he heard Vic Mensa, Desus and Mero were all at one spot

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