Hip-hop media mainstay DJ Akademiks will likely spend much of the day wondering what happened to his Instagram page because his popular account with millions of followers mysteriously disappeared overnight.

As fans have pointed out, the Off The Record podcast host appeared to have been shadow-banned on Instagram before his account was taken down outright. His main page, @akademiks, is no longer available to be found on the platform, and Ak is using his alternate account, @djakademikstv, for the time being. 

Ak addressed the blackout on his page, assuring his fans that he's working to get his account back up and running.

"Figuring out what happened to my main Instagram acct @akademiks," wrote the hip-hop commentator on his back-up. "Speaking wit ig reps to figure out wats going on."

Some people have also pointed out that popular hip-hop page @SayCheeseTV suffered the same fate overnight, so it's possible that they both got hit with copyright strikes, or something similar.

Akademiks has had a difficult time staying on social media's good side. Last year, he was briefly banned from Twitch for two weeks before making his return. Hopefully, he gets his Instagram page back sooner.

What do you think about DJ Akademiks having his account stripped from him? What do you think happened?