While hip-hop fans are no stranger to rap beef, every so often, feuds can also arise in the realm of hip-hop media. Those who pay close attention to the podcasting world are possibly aware that former Joe Budden Podcast co-hosts Rory and Mal, both of whom were given the boot from the long-running series only yesterday, have been embroiled in a heated and highly disrespectful feud with DJ Akademiks.

As shots have been exchanged from both sides, with certain personal lines having been crossed, it's no surprise that Ak would have much to say regarding the unceremonious firing of his rival Rory. As the news began to circulate, Ak quickly took to Twitch to stage a "funeral" by his own admission, cracking a bottle of Hennessy and queuing up a memorial playlist of sorts. The glee in his eyes was undeniable as Ak fired off a relentless stream of gloats. "You tried to be a boss, but got told you were a worker," he taunts, over the mournful words of Diddy's "I Miss You."

There's certainly much more where that came from, as Ak's Twitch stream lasted well over an hour with his chat army lining up to throw fuel on the fire. Though some might accuse the divisive media man of being a nosy Nellie, it can't be denied that Ak may very well have played a role in stoking tension between the former Joe Budden Podcast co-hosts. Especially given that Joe has been teasing a reunion with his Everyday Struggle alumni, a development that likely didn't sit well with Rory and Mal -- both of whom have fielded frequent disrespect from Ak. 

For those who can appreciate a bit of Hennydemiks shenanigans, check out his reaction to the firing of his longtime rival below. Do you think Joe Budden would be wise to reunite with his former cohort?  

WATCH: Akademiks goes in on Rory and Mal after their exit from the Joe Budden Podcast