DJ Akademiks and Maury Povich have agreed to collaborate together. The pair has made this unexpected concept public through social media.

Maury was the one to initiate the idea of having DJ Akademiks on The Maury Show. The television host sent out a request to Akademiks via Twitter, asking him to hop on his show's production in honor of its 21st season.

".@IamAkademiks I'm kicking off my 21st season in September...Let's collaborate this year...You're only 21 once!"

DJ Akademiks shared a screenshot of the tweet on his Instagram asking his following what they thought of the potential "Maury x AKADEMIKS" duo. Since then, the hip hop figure responded to the request with an enthusiastic "LETS DO IT!"

The details of the collaboration have yet to be revealed, but most are anticipating some kind of a fruitful mess of an entertaining show. Some fans commented on their anticipation of the inevitable drama that will ensue. Others asked to join the fun as audience members or even as participants. Criticism was also thrown at Maury with shady comments pointing to his lack of "new shows," referring to the production's played out scripts.

What do y'all think of this collaboration? Who is feeling this? Sound off!