Dizzy Wright is getting ready to launch his "Fashion" video with Kid Ink and Honey Cocaine very soon, and HNHH got a chance to talk to him on the set of the exclusive visual. Dizzy spoke to Jen Deleon about his favorite kinds of Kush, plans for his debut album, and the benefits of staying independent.

"I've been smoking all day" revealed Dizzy, before listing some of his favorite strains of weed. "OG Kush, Bubba [Kush], we have a great strain of Bubba that is grown in Vegas. It's been coming from Vegas for like 20 years," he said.

Wright also explained while his allegiance is currently to blunts, he'll have to switch to papers at some point. "Eventually I'm gonna convert because Blunts aren't great for you," he said, but insisted that it wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

Though The Golden Age could easily have been an album instead of a mixtape, Dizzy is confident he'll be able to step his game up when it comes time to do an official album. "It's not gonna be hard to step it up." he said. "The Golden Age wasn't difficult. the production was there, so I was just talking my shit over the beats."

"When it comes time to do an album, I'm gonna do the same thing." said Wright. "Just make sure the production is even better than it was before. Just motivate the kings, talk to the ladies, do what I do."

The Las Vegas rapper then shared some of the benefits he had as an independent artist. "I'm just doing my own thing, creating my own path." he said. "I have creative control. I get to make the kind of music that I want. I don't have anybody over my shoulder trying to make the music for me. I'm getting on the road. I'm able to take care of my daughter, smoke good weed, and just be a young king."

Watch the full interview below.

Look out for the "Fashion" video, dropping exclusively on HNHH very soon!