Dizzy Wright & Demrick - Roll My Weed (Prod. By DJ Hoppa)

  April 16, 2016 17:36
Roll My Weed
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Dizzy Wright and Demrick are just tryna roll up.

4/20 is imminent. With the weed-smoker holiday is quickly approaching, Dizzy Wright and Demrick link up for a weed-smoker's rolling anthem. It's not just about rolling up, though, it's about being able to roll without the pesky cops hindering the process. DJ Hoppa is behind the boards for this, and he cooks up something pretty old school for Demrick and Dizzy to rap on. Despite the falling out that occurred with the Funk Volume label, it's apparent Dizzy is still on good terms with his once-labelmate Hoppa.

The two rappers aren't just teaming up for "Roll My Weed," they have a full length effort on the way, Blaze With Us. You can guarantee it'll be filled smoke-able records-- and would ya look at that, it drops on April 20th. 

Quotable Lyrics

This is a special occasion, we givin' em what they demanded
Couldn't tell you we didn't plan it
Overseeking the planet
High as hell you can tell
Smoking out the hotel
Putting the towels down to hide the smell

- Dizzy

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