If you're still sleeping on Divine Council, perhaps it's time to wake up. The group from Richmond, Virginia has been building a steady buzz for a while now, earning themselves a deal with Epic Records, a co-sign from Erykah Badu, and a collaboration with Andre 3000

While the group has gone through some line-up changes recently (one of the producer members of the group ICYTWAT, announced his departure back in September), they're still planning on putting out some fire music. $ILKMONEY, one of the rapping members of the group, went to Twitter today to tease just that.

The tweet reads, "$ILKMONEY | MY FORTE | PRODUCED BY TYLER | THIS WEEK | RT THIS SHIT!" Tyler, in this instance, is no doubt referring to Tyler, The Creator. The tweet also comes complete with a video, which contains over a minute of the new song. If you've been a fan of Tyler and Odd Future since the Bastard days, you might have a good reason to get excited about this track.

Tyler's production has been making somewhat of a return to the grungy style that defined his earlier work recently (you can hear shades of it on songs like "OKRA") but this beat is the most classic-Tyler production he's done in a long time. The video teaser also exemplifies old Tyler attitudes, it even begins with footage of a man spitting on a child's face, for Heaven's sake!

Check out the preview for $ILKMONEY's new track, "Forte," which should be dropping sometime in the near future.