An upsetting amount of graphic footage has been making rounds on the internet this weekend, following the tragedy that occurred at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival on Friday. Reports say that while some people were trampled by the crowd, others may have been injected with drugs, causing them to go into cardiac arrest.

Early this morning, TMZ shared a disturbing clip that shows an unconscious patron of the festival being dropped on her head by authorities who were attempting to get her to a nearby medical tent. A security guard, police officer, and another person can all be seen carrying a woman on a stretcher.

The group then asked for help in attempting to get the hurt person off of an elevated ledge. All three men were positioned near the foot end of the stretcher, and a fourth person joined them there instead providing support by the woman’s head. As they dragged the stretcher off the ledge, the woman’s head violently hits a metal grate below.

She is then placed on one of the waiting go-carts and driven to a medical tent. TMZ shared that they have no word of the woman’s condition, “but it looks extremely serious.”

Reports coming out from Astroworld Fest attendees prove that this wasn’t an isolated incident. Some have shared that they spent their evening doing CPR on others, dragging bodies over barriers, and laying them out in the VIP section. “I immediately see that there is not enough medics for this so I relieve one medic of CPR,” one patron who also happened to be an ICU nurse wrote on Instagram.

“I ask where the ambu bag is, where the AED is, where the stretcher and ambulance is, where tf any shit is and they said essentially there is none. There’s one ambu bag, one stretcher and one AED for 3 - now 4 - people who are pulseless and blue. People from the crowd were trying to help, teenagers are doing CPR on people who still have a pulse bc nobody has done a pulse check. It was an absolute shit show.”

If you’d like to see the video obtained by TMZ, you can find it here.