District 21 Pushes His Limits In Intense "Hardly" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
November 02, 2018 16:01

HNHH PREMIERE: District 21 finds himself tangled in a few backcountry misadventures.

We're happy to premiere the latest "short film" by California's own District 21, "Hardly." The DJ Mustard-produced No Static highlight has officially earned the visual treatment, and rest assured that District has gone the extra mile to establish his originality. Director Derek Rose captures the backcountry with vibrant cinematography, as our protagonist explores a variety of natural landscapes, both lush and barren. Despite the serenity of his surroundings, District remains war-ready, moving through the wilderness with an intense sense of purpose. War-ready, one might say. 

Eventually, District finds himself crossing paths with opposing forces, whom he quickly and efficiently dispatches. As the foes pile up, so too does the body count. Eventually, District comes face to face with the "final boss," and hand-to-hand combat swiftly ensures. Be sure to check this one out now; it may very well sate your adrenaline cravings and then some.

Check out the entire No Static mixtape right here. 

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HNHH TV District 21 Pushes His Limits In Intense "Hardly" Visuals