In the pantheon of Disney classics, Mulan might be a low-key frontrunner. The 1998 film has developed a strong fanbase, with many still looking back fondly on the hilarious and action-packed epic. In many ways, the live-action treatment was all but inevitable, especially given that Disney seems to be rolling through their ranks on a flick-by flick basis. Now, with Mulan set to drop in 2020, a brand new trailer has arrived to kick off the rollout. 

While a few makeovers look to have transpired, the essence of the story appears to remain intact. When the men of China are called into action to face an invading threat, a disguise-clad Mulan must step into action to save her ailing father. Disillusioned with the matchmaking process, Mulan finds herself thrust into the Chinese army, where her martial prowess comes into clutch. Though Eddie Murphy's beloved Mushu appears to be sitting this one out, a familiar soundtrack should be more than enough to spark pangs of nostalgia. 

Look for Mulan to hit theatres on March 27th, and sound off below. Are you trying to see this one in action?