Disney is gearing up to premiere their own streaming service. The billion-dollar entertainment company has its hands in everything. Disney owns ESPN, Marvel, 21st Century Fox, ABC, and Star Wars, and they intend to bring aspects of those properties to their new service. Netflix and Hulu have the market on lock at the moment, but once Disney pulls all their content from those services and launches their own, things may change. According to The New York Timesa new Star Wars live-action series is being created for Disney's streaming service. 

Although details about the plot have remained under wraps, we do know that Jon Favreau will be helming the project. Favreau is most famous for launching Iron Man, which was the beginning of the Marvel movie takeover. The new series will deliver ten episodes for its first season, and if we're lucky, each one will be an hour long. The production cost of those ten episodes is estimated to be $100 million dollars. “Star Wars is a big world, and Disney’s new streaming service affords a wonderful opportunity to tell stories that stretch out over multiple chapters,” Favreau told the Times via email. “Marketing is about telling a story, and [Disney streaming service head Ricky Strauss'] background in that area allows us to collaborate and create new content.”