With the NCAA's March Madness kicking off, many fans have already begun consumed with the "bracket" formula. A nice way to spark debate and perpetuate "Rank Culture," brackets are the perfect way to articulate the path to GOAT status. And while the NCAA's own brackets can be perused here, a few alternatives have once again gained traction on social media, highlighting Disney, Pixar, and Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. One such bracket, which was originally posted last year, has been doing the rounds yet again.

The Disney side has already spurred debate, with the notable omission of Hunchback Of Notre Dame and cult classic Great Mouse Detective raising a few eyebrows. As it stands, it's likely that Mulan and The Lion King would ultimately do battle in the final round, though it's difficult to bet against Aladdin or Beauty And The Beast. On that note, the Disney bracket feels rather one-sided, with Lion King making short work of damn near everything in its "conference." As for Pixar's side, The Incredibles remains the one to beat, though any given Toy Story poses a credible threat. 

There's also a variant for the MCU, which finds competitors placed in the unenviable position of battling Infinity War for the big prize. However, it's possible that cases can be made for Winter Soldier, OG Avengers, Civil War, and Black Panther taking the crown. What do you think about these alternative brackets?