The Disney Princess franchise has been criticized (for good reason) over the years for the same reason as most blockbuster movie franchises: it's overwhelmingly white and upholds pretty archaic ideas about gender. Disney has caught on to the shade that's been cast their way and has made, among other things, Black Panther, a superhero movie about a technologically advanced African nation and its tense relationship with a white guy trying to steal their lifeblood. 

According to Variety, Disney has realized that white people aren't the only ones who buy movie tickets (Black Panther is the third-highest grossing movie ever in the US) and have responded by developing a new Disney Princess movie called Sadé. Now, I know what you're thinking, but this is not a movie about Sade. As much as a mythical origin story set to "Sweetest Taboo" would be the movie to end all movies, the real one that Disney is planning seems good too. The movie, as Variety reports it, will apparently be about "a young African girl named Sadé whose kingdom is threatened by a mysterious evil force and accepts her newly discovered magical powers to protect her people, with the help of the kingdom’s prince."

Disney has also sweetened the deal with director Rick Famuyiwa of Dope. While we're waiting for Sadé, check out the trailer for Famuyiwa's other movie in the meantime: