Organizing a successful music festival is no easy feat. Given the increased spotlight on Billy McFarland and Ja Rule's notorious Fyre Festival, many have come to gain a better understanding of what not to do. Yet we don't tend to hear about those that operate as if well-oiled machinery. In that sense, the smooth operation of our favorite festivals are taken somewhat for granted. The sheer amount of potential pitfalls is staggering, and the margin for error isn't exactly generous. Sadly, the legendary Bonnaroo festival has been dragged through the wringer by legions of disgruntled attendees, many of whom waited up to eight hours in line.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Many took to Twitter to document their experience trying to enter. From the sound of it, people were directed to wait alongside Hillsboro Highway, where they received little-to-no updates on the situation at large. The McFarland-esque lack of organization is surprising given Bonnaroo's reputation, and the festival did attempt to steer the course with a Twitter update. Yet it's equally possible that many attendees, should they be in keeping with today's Festival attendee, are sorely lacking in patience. This is, after all, an age of instant gratification, and the selfies aren't nearly as worthwhile if one is stuck in a queue.

All things considered, Bonnaroo will bounce back. Performances from Post Malone, Childish Gambino, Solange, The Lumineers, Cardi B, The National, and more are still set to transpire across the three-day extravaganza. Not to mention, the sheer level of collective inebriation will help blur memories of any unwieldy lines real quick. Still, we abide by a simple formula - we see Fyre Festival comparisons, we have a laugh.