Joseph Kahn has worked with pretty much everyone in the music industry, from Imagine Dragons to Aaliyah, but he doesn't seem to have any interest in working Kanye West. When Business Insider asked him whether he'd direct a music video for Kanye West, he said, "No, absolutely not."

Joseph Kahn's been doing a press run this week in support of his forthcoming film, Bodied which hits theaters on Friday. He explained how the culture surrounding Kanye West/Kardashian clan goes together with Trump's world and due to that, he won't be working with 'Ye in the future.

"I find the Kanye/Kardashian culture so — to me it's hand in hand with the Trump world," he said. "There's a lack of thought that's masquerading as thought. It's using the power of brand as the power of thought. And if anything, I'm so immersed in the power of brands, I try to put thought in the brands and I don't see thought going on there. I just see crazy people flinging around and just trying to make money and call it thought."

Kahn is an OG in the game, and at this point, he has the luxury to choose to work with who wants. He explained that he has to continue to be careful with his brand and his skill set and use his platform responsibly.

"I choose who I want to work with," he said when asked about whether it's been a conscious decision to stray away from working with Kanye West in recent times. "I have to be very careful what to use my skill set for. Everybody loves to make money, obviously, everybody loves to be comfortable, but you also have to be careful what you put out there. Look, I make silly music videos for a living, but I just want to make sure that I'm being responsible with the power that I've been given."