Diplo has become a hugely successful name in the electronic world, but at this point, his stage name is tied more to his personality than it is his music. Participating in big collaborative acts such as Major Lazer (originally a project with Switch) and Jack U, a duo made up of himself and Skrillex, Diplo music has become less and less of a priority. 

Speaking to Rick Rubinfor Interview Magazine, the producer suggested that he's looking to stop releasing music under the moniker to focus on his other endeavors.

"I’m trying to actually retire Diplo material at this point," he said. "Diplo has a ceiling in Vegas, and I’m doing great there, but I’m so proud of Major Lazer- the way it sounds, the way it’s mixed. I feel like if I devote my time to that, it could grow."

Of course, he will continue his social media antics as Diplo, because his name holds major weight in the meme game. Look out for new music from Major Lazer soon.