Joint albums are currently en vogue. The idea of two hip-hop heavyweights, friends, or simply frequent collaborators was often the stuff of wishful thinking, conversations of "what could be" among hip-hop heads and within online discussion boards. Now more than ever, this type of wishful thinking is becoming a reality. Some joint albums are teased, thrown out into the natural world via album title, but never actually materialize. Some are strategic partnerships, perhaps a creation of the label or two management groups coming together on way to capitalize on some quick hype. That's not the case for the fast-famous and melodic earworm of a duo, Lil Baby and Gunna. It's not often there is such a rabid demand, leading to frenzied anticipation, for new cats like these two-- anticipation for the younger generation can be offset by some sort of internet hate or holier-than-thou attitude of older fans-- but when it comes to the Drip Harder duo, it truly feels like there is nothing but positivity surrounding them, old and new alike are cheering them on, together.

Two weeks ago, we headed out to Los Angeles to meet with Lil Baby and Gunna on the set of their "Drip Too Hard" music video shoot, where we were able to witness their chemistry and friendship in real life. We were able to sit down with both Atlanta-raised artists together, and delve into the origins of Drip Harder, their relationship with Young Thug, and much more. Click the link below!!


Words by @roselilahhshit

Photos by @emiliosanchez