Whether or not you're actively checking for A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, he's been hard to miss these past few months. The new-New York rapper has been engraining himself in your mental and/or visual, with a spur of collaborative tracks (see the full list), whether it be with like-minded melodic rappers such as Tory Lanez (of which there is even more in store) or else artists from across the pond, such as the recent, extremely smooth collaboration with the U.K. artist Ebenezer. Yet even more recent: last night's drop with Nigerian artist Davido, "Way Too Fly," which finds him laying his stake at the song of the summer, or at the very least, a heated club record. 

Thus, it would seem he's been up to something all these months, despite not formally announcing a new project-- until today. 

The International Artist is not only a succinct/accurate description of what will be A Boogie's next project, it also embodies a more longterm goal he's been carefully planning towards. As he prepares to take his talents to a worldwide fanbase, he's developed an amazing body of music-- all these loose songs along the way barely scratch the surface-- and we had the chance to not only listen to what is in store, but chop it up with him in his New Jersey homebase, also known as the Highbridge The Label Mansion. The conversation debuts as part of our brand new digital cover story.