It looks like Desiigner is out here making a little girls dreams come true. Over the weekend, footage surfaced of the “Panda” rapper meeting one of his die hard fans, which left the girl as an emotional wreck.

Unable to contain her excitement, the little girl can be seen crying as she meets what appears to be her favorite artist, Desiigner. With tears scrolling down her face, the little girls says “bless you so much,” before Desiigner gives her a hug and thanks her. While the girl’s reaction appears to be very real and genuine, her pose after the tears is rather funny. After calming down and wiping her face, the little girl took a couple photos with Desiigner, which included few different “cool” poses she can show her friends.

It’s unclear if there’s a backstory to their meet up or just a random setup by his management, but either way, it’s a pretty good wholesome clip nonetheless. Check it out (below).