"Swatting" is a recent prank trend that consists of making an anonymous call to police and reporting a false crime at a celebrity's home. The goal is to send cops or sometimes even SWAT teams unknowingly and unnecessarily to a star's house. Chris Brown was subjected to such a prank in January, and it appears Diddy is the latest celebrity to have his home swarmed by the LAPD.

TMZ reports that a call was made to police claiming that someone had been shot within the home. Over a dozen squad cars and two police helicopters arrived on the scene before realizing the report was false.

Initial reports mistook the swarm to be targeting comedian Steve Carrell's house, as he is apparently a neighbor of the rapper's. 

While they have no suspects in the "Swatting", the police have stressed that they will prosecute the perpetrator to the fullest extent of the law.

In other unconventional Diddy news, the Bad Boy mogul is still set to host WrestleMania 29 this weekend.