Diddy's wealth just never stops coming in. He seems to always be starting a new venture, whether it's music-related or not, his latest one comes in the form of a new role on the popular T.V. show "Downton Abbey."

Diddy tweeted out the news that he'll be a regular on what he calls his favorite show, which also happens to be critically acclaimed. It'll be interesting to see what role Diddy takes on, given that the show is a British period drama, about an aristocratic family in the 1900s. The show just announced their first Black character last week, with Gary Carr joining the cast, so Diddy will bump that number up to two.

See Diddy's tweet below.

[Update: It Was An Elaborate Joke]

Γ’Β€ΒœYou keepinҀ™ these hoes in check around here?!ҀÂ 

It turns out Diddy won't be appearing on Downton Abbey after all, instead appearing in a Funny or Die skit parodying scenes from the series. He plays Lord Wilcott, the "new owner" of Downton Abbey with a penchant for Ciroc.

Peep it below: