Diddy is feeling dissatisfied with what he believes is an oversaturation of hip hop acts in today's game. When faced with ever changing demands, artists have had to mould themselves in order to attract an audience. The irony of it all, is that hip hop has reached critical mass due to its commercialization. Diddy might know a thing or two about that. 

Diddy contends that the sheer volume of music released is "a lot take to in every day, everyone is saying the same thing in different ways." On the other hand Diddy is also a smart enough businessman not to separate himself fully from the fray, choosing to keep a wishful tone.

Diddy captions his video with heartfelt message to an unnamed crowd:

"I don’t want the culture to get diluted. Artists have to be special, you have to be unique. Don't just be apart of the noise. Be great. A MESSAGE FROM L O V E" 

If viewed in a positive light, this post is in fact a ringing endorsement to artists that continue to push the culture forward. Peep the video below and share your views in the comment section.