Recently, Diddy was spotted out and about with a mysterious lady--and no, it was not Lori Harvey. Although there have been numerous rumours of Lori and Diddy getting together and possibly splitting up, it is important to note that there were never any official confirmations that the two were indeed an item. Nevertheless, Diddy was out with another lady which could potentially mean trouble in paradise for him and Ms. Harvey. The hip hop mogul and mystery woman were spotted on a night out on the town. Interestingly, their gathering coincided at a time where Lori Harvey was out of town. Diddy and Lady X exited the businessman's fancy Maybach before having dinner in Nobu Los Angeles yesterday night. The two arrived around 10 PM, briefly exchanged a meal and left much later in the night. Our source, TheShadeRoom, confirms that the relationship between Diddy and this woman remains unknown. Hence, for now, we must leave it up to speculations.

Diddy has been linked to Lori for a minute, albeit for a slightly uncomfortable reason; apparently, she once dated Diddy's son Justin Combs, which might have made for an awkward family reunion. Social media and other members of the Hip Hop community had their thoughts on this--both reflecting uneasy approval to intense disapproval.