In expanding Diddy's brand he's announced his newest venture is television. We got word of his new TV network, "Revolt," awhile back, and since making the official announcement himself, he's elaborated on "Revolt."

While Sean 'Diddy' Combs appeared on The Today Show he spoke on "Revolt," saying that his TV network will play music others are afraid to play.

“I started my own new network. It’s called Revolt and it will be the number one name in music,” Diddy said. “We will play what the others are afraid to play. We’re bringing the soul back to music. So everybody check that.”

He also clarified about the Oscar win for the movie he executive produced, "Undefeated," which he technically didn't win,

“I want to clarify that T.J. and Daniel are technically the directors of the film. They’re technically the winners,” Diddy explained. “I’m like the Martin Scorsese Jr. So everybody just ran with it like I’m the Oscar winner, but these two young, talented, entrepreneurial directors they’re the guys that [won]…This is called Undefeated, it’s about the North Memphis Tigers. It’s about believing in yourself. It’s about this coach that truly believes in these kids more than they believe in themselves. And then they start to believe in their selves. And it becomes addictive in a sense….It’s truly a human drama piece.”

Watch a clip of him on the show below.