What will be one of Diddy’s biggest entrepreneurial endeavors to date is only three weeks away from launching. Revolt TV, the 24-hour multi-platform multi-genre music network, will be debuting on October 21st in select cities.

The channel will launch on October 21st, and will be made available through Comcast and Time Warner Cable. Its purpose will be to provide a 24-hour continuous stream of interviews, music videos, original programming, performances and news across a vast array of music genres. Revolt has already claimed itself as “the new #1 name in music”.

Competition with MTV is very likely, therefore Revolt has already began recruiting its executives. Former Vice President of MTV News, Whitney-Gayle Benta, was named the Senior Vice President of Music & Talent at Revolt TV. On her resume, Benta has been credited with co-conceptualized the show MTV Diary.

As for what music will be actually featured on the channel, check out what Diddy has to say below.