We've seen Diddy's Revolt TV brand all over the net since its inception last year, but it looks like the TV network itself is having trouble increasing its viewership.

The network, which brought The Breakfast Club to TV, will celebrate its one-year anniversary next month, but they're facing issues in terms of bringing up their audience from the original 25 million household base. NY Post reports that the possible Comcast and Time Warner merger is stunting their growth, because it is making it more difficult to get other cable companies to pick up Revolt.

Without having additional cable companies carry their network, Revolt is having trouble getting a wider array of advertisers, which puts them in a money crunch. On top of which, the fact that many viewers use the internet for their video content these days doesn't help.

"The good news is that we had deals in place with Comcast and Time Warner Cable," CEO Keith Clinkscales said. "They have been excellent partners. However, the merger discussions caused the whole industry to slow down. There’s a general wait and see on a lot of things."

Despite Revolt TV facing a bit of financial difficulty (which is common in start-up companies), Diddy is doing just fine for himself. Earlier this week he purchased a $40 million home.