We recently reported about an unknown man who ran into New York's wax museum to stomp on Diddy's (wax figure) head and now the latest news surrounding the music mogul is that he's reached a settlement against a former employee who sued him for sexual harassment. Cindy Rueda sued Diddy back in 2017 detailing how she was "regularly summoned" to serve Diddy and his guests while they "engaged in or immediately following sexual activity."

She claimed that on one occasion, Diddy was still naked when she entered the room and he asked her if she liked what she saw. Among other sexual run-ins, Cindy said she complained to another one of his employees but that resulted in her getting set-up to look as though she stole one of his watches. Cindy claimed to have also worked overtime for Diddy without receiving proper compensation. She was hired in April 2015 and fired in May 2016. 

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

NBC Los Angeles now reports that the case has been resolved since both parties have reached a settlement but the terms of the settlement haven't been revealed.

In other Diddy news, he recently shared a video boasting his 2019 mood, filled with dancing and laughter. "I got too much genius shit that the world needs to see and feel," he exclaimed. "That's why I pay everybody so I could do less work, cause that's the hustle."

He added: "You all don't know that's the hustle? You pay everybody so you don't do shit! But be as happy as you can be. I wanna be happy. I pay too many people."