Diddy has turned Ciroc vodka into a well-known and well-liked brand, one that is also synonymous with rappers around the world. Now that Ciroc is a $100 million franchise, Diddy is looking for the next big thing-- which is apparently tequila.

NYPost reports that the music mogul, who recently launched yet another new venture with Revolt TV, will be expanding into the business of tequila come 2014. He's reportedly already partnered with high-end tequila brand DeLeon Tequila.

DeLeon Tequila was introduced to the U.S. market on Cinco de Mayo in 2009, and has since won itself several awards. Diddy will be celebrating the new partnership by throwing what is bound to be a huge New Years Eve bash at his mansion in Miami's Star Island, complete with the tequila which goes for $140 to $825 a bottle. Q-Tip and DJ Ramadus are expected to soundtrack the night.

[UPDATE: Diddy Officially Announces Partnership With DeLeon Tequila]

We heard the other week that Diddy was welcoming a new liquor into his business empire, specifically the high-end tequila DeLeon. Today Diddy has officially made the announcement of the partnership with DeLeon, by posting a few images of the tequila and himself on Instagram, announcing, "Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to announce the Combs Wine & Spirits newest acquisition."

We've also got a few more details on this venture. It's a 50/50 partnership with Diageo and Combs Wine & Spirits, and the alliance will aim to build upon the established Ciroc brand.

"Celebration is a cornerstone of all my businesses, and this joint venture is a natural extension of that portfolio," said Diddy. "DeLeón is an outstanding brand that appeals to those who love exceptional tequila in a distinctive bottle. Together with Diageo, we will take DeLeón to new heights."

Will you be copping some DeLeon tequila? It's currently only distributed in 18 U.S. states and will run you from $120 to upwards of $1000 per bottle.