Jennifer Lopez is seemingly back together with Ben Affleck, spending time with her ex-lover on vacation this week. As the tabloids try and pick up every detail about their rendezvous by the beach, Diddy decided to get a little messy with his choice of Throwback Thursday photos.

The 51-year-old music mogul could have gone in any direction for this week's throwback photos but he decided to take a pretty shady route, posting a series of pictures with Jennifer Lopez, his ex-girlfriend. The two artists dated for two years and attended some of the most exciting events in Hollywood, including the GRAMMY Awards, as a unit. Today, Diddy shared two pictures of himself with J-Lo, right in the midst of her current situationship with Ben Affleck, seemingly reminding the world (and Ben) that he was with Lopez first.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Sharing a photo with his ex-girlfriend in her iconic Versace dress, Diddy went back into his picture books, deleted that picture, and posted another one. In his second attempt, Diddy posted a paparazzi-taken shot of the two hand-in-hand. Some people are commenting that Diddy might be shooting his shot at Lopez, hoping that she sees the pictures and remembers how much of a good time they had together. Others theorize that the rapper just wanted Ben Affleck to know he was with his girl first.

Check out the pictures below.