Diddy has shared some thoughts on the shooting of Stephon Clark on Instagram Sunday morning. A private autopsy performed on behalf of Clark's family has revealed that the 22-year-old, who was killed by police in his grandmother's backyard while unarmed, was shot 6 times in the back, discrediting the story told by the cops. Diddy posted the cover of the Daily News which told the disheartening story. 

"In his grandmas backyard!" he captioned one of five images shared Sunday. "I want the world to see!! ... FUCK YOUUUUU!!!!! I’m so FUCKIN MAD RIGHT NOW!!!!! ... GOD HELP Please."

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Law enforcement originally claimed that Clark pointed a gun in their direction, but only a cell phone was recovered from the scene. The statement claims police reacted to a threat, but given that the evidence now proves Clark was shot from behind, that account has been discredited. Clark was confused for a suspect reported to be breaking vehicle windows in the area.

Dr. Bennett Omalu, who shared the autopsy results in a press conference, stated, "You could reasonably conclude that he received seven gunshot wounds from his back." He argued that each of the discharges would have been "a fatal capacity." 

Protests have been taking place since the news broke and continued into Saturday night.