Diddy was late to the watermelon party Paper Magazine put on with Zoe Kravitz as their muse. The photoshoot in question demanded the uttermost seduction out of Kravitz offspring, a 30-year-old in the nick of time.

The citron melon ruse wasn't the first time Paper Mag pushed the envelope on innuendo, as evidenced by past editorials depicting a nude Kim Kardashian, or Grace Jones' greased-up cover shot, to name a few. Although it's unclear what Diddy is alluding to when he credits Zoe as his inspiration. My guess would be that he's impressed by her gumption.

It's hard to believe Diddy would go through a public channel like Instagram if his intent was to woo her with flattery. Then again, Diddy's PDA is pretty well-documented, but over a close family friend, I think no?

Puffy and her father Lenny Kravitz recorded "Show Me Your Soul" in 2003 when Zoe was but a child, and yet infantilizing her would be unjust (in her adult life), for the same reason I wouldn't reduce Diddy to a cradle-robber just because he dated Cassie. The impulse is hard to fend off, in light of the fact, Zoe's Paper Mag is photoshoot is too easily sexualized, and intentionally so, regardless of the "child prodigy-progeniture" backstory that goes into it. It's worth nothing that Zoe was among those listed in the "Black 100" list Diddy posted last September.