Rush Hour is something of a beloved franchise, so news of a new installment to the series is not something to joke about. A new billboard in L.A. has suggested that a new film may be on its way... or it's all an elaborate ruse.

The first tip-off that the new film may be a publicity stunt is the fact that instead of starring original cast members Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, the poster depicts Byung-Hun Lee and none other than Diddy as its leading men.

Secondly, the movie is called "Rush Hour 4: Face/Off 2," which would make it a simultaneous reboot of two action franchises -- in one movie.

It all sounds a little too ridiculous to be true, but that doesn't mean we don't want to see the film come to fruition, because we really, really do.

Puff acknowledged the poster in an Instagram post yesterday, captioning it with the tagline, "The Rush Is Back".

Check out his post below. Is this for real?