Diddy has been hinting at a name change for a while. There've been a few false alarms but last week, he finalized it. He shared a photo of his Florida driver's license which now reads, "Sean 'Love' Combs." Diddy's had a few name changes over the course of his career but Love was the least expected. 

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

If you're wondering where the inspiration behind the name came from, Diddy's allowed the wise words of Kendrick Lamar to explain it. The music mogul took to Instagram where he shared footage from an old Kendrick Lamar interview where the Compton star explains what he feels is the meaning of life.

"When are we going to understand that we are put on Earth to love," Kendrick says in the clip. "That’s all it’s about. Everybody want to figure out how complicated life is and break it down. This is what I truly think. I really think that it’s going to keep going on, war’s going to keep going on, frustration’s going to keep going on, anger’s going to keep going on until we finally go back down to the simplest word. Love."

Diddy, or Love, if you will, declared that the name change marks a new chapter in both his career and his life. "Welcome to the LOVE Era!! Have a love filled day! LOVE," he wrote. 

Check out Diddy's post below.