Diddy is one of the world's most well-known moguls, attaching himself to anything of quality with a bag involved in it. In one of his most recent money-making efforts, the rap veteran linked up with Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham for a star-studded event highlighting their respective luxury alcohol deals while also illuminating the essential role bartenders play. 


The video in question, shared to Diddy's Instagram page, is intended to serve as an advertisement for their aforementioned luxury alcohol deals. The footage shows Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, and Diddy hard at work "for the last ten months" attempting to create a tasty cocktail out of Deleon Tequila, Haig Club Whiskey, and Aviation American Gin. Each of the megastars has a marketing deal with the luxury alcohol brands, Diddy being linked to Deleon Tequila, Beckham being linked to Haig Club Whiskey, and Reynolds to Aviation Gin. 

When it comes time to taste test the products, they all dramatically spit out the beverages before Reynolds let out a slew of profanities, followed by Diddy adding it "tastes like ass feet." David Beckham simply added, "Ryan, this is not gonna work." A final message declaring "This is why we need mixologists" flashes on the screen before the message ends. 


"Yo [Ryan Reynolds] [David Beckham]," Diddy penned in the caption of the post, tagging both of the A-listers. "y’all have to be the worst mixologists in the world. IT TASTES LIKE ASS FEET!!!," he emphasized again. Check out the tongue-in-cheek video for yourself above.  


"Salute to the real mixologists! You are appreciated!!" Diddy added finally. The sarcastic video has racked up 300,000 videos since being shared a day ago on Diddy's page.