Diddy treated his damn self yesterday celebrating the first single Valentine's he's had in a while and he shared the special moment on Instagram. Of course, his solo night included his very own alcohol brand, Ciroc, and a white robe with a bubble bath for his lounging pleasure. "I'm cool with being alone on Valentine's day," he said in the video below. 

The video was also a bit of a boost for a playlist Diddy made for V-Day through Tidal that's filled with tons of R&B bumps for the love-filled day. Even now that V-Day is over 'Single Puff’s Valentines Day Playlist' still deserves a few rotations on the speakers. 

"This is #SinglePuff checking in to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day. I dropped a playlist for you all to enjoy. Check my insta story for the link. Love you all," he captioned his bubble-bath video. 

A few weeks back Diddy shared yet another video reflecting on the previous months and the hard times he endured. 

"Sometimes you think your purpose is one thing...but life is ever changing. There's levels to this shit, but you gotta redesign and clarify your purpose," he said. "I had to take a little bit of time off, you know, 2018 was crazy. I took a lot of L's and that's life you know what I'm sayin'. Can't no money or whatever it is stop you from 'catchin' one."