The New York Giants are still reeling from their Wild Card drubbing by the Green Bay Packers, and it seems the team may not have gotten all their frustrations from the loss. Or maybe they made the unfortunate decision of looking at Twitter and Instagram on the plane and saw all the memes about their loss. Either way, a tweet from a United Airlines passenger waiting to take off from Newark Airport suggested that his flight was delayed because the Giants had trashed the first class section of the plane on their way back from Green Bay.

Passenger Mark Kropf told the New York Post that the pilot told everyone waiting for the flight, which was two hours delayed, that “the plane needed extra help repairing and cleaning the interior.” Then, Kropf says that 30 minutes later, “a gate agent told us it was the Giants that destroyed the biz class cabin, and we saw service personnel walking countless seat cushions off the plane.” If you haven’t flown often, seeing seats removed from a plane before a flight is not normal.

Another passenger, Gordon Allott, corroborated The Post’s story, saying, “we are about 2.5 hours delayed. We were told the Giants had this plane last night and trashed it.” He also tweeted about the incident.

A New York Giants spokesperson has denied the story is true, simply saying, “it’s false.” Despite the reports of the gate agents spilling the beans, a United spokesperson said she couldn’t reveal whether the Giants were aboard that plane, instead blaming mechanical issues.

Who do you believe?

[via NY Post]