The Game tends to perpetually be in some kind of legal shenanigans, and right now is no different. He’s embroiled in a very public dispute with Priscilla Rainey, a former contestant on the VH1 reality show “She’s Got Game.” The Game has vehemently denied her claim that he sexually assaulted Rainey by groping her during a shoot.

This morning, via a report from theJasmineBrand, rumors circulated that The Game wanted the presiding judge to throw out the case altogether. He disputes the story, claiming the entire thing is made up and that he was not drunk or high at the time of the supposed assault. Of course, without any evidence that’s just hearsay, and unlikely to sway any judge.

However, The Game had his day in court today, and it seems like it went well. He posted an Instagram photo stating he was “On the way to court,” and then two hours later posted a photo of himself at a Bentley dealership. He captioned the second photo, “Fresh outta court… went so well today, that boy went & dropped a quarter mill on a Bentley Truck!”

Sounds like Jayceon may have had some evidence up his sleeve. We’ll report more as information becomes public.