Tales surrounding the recent breakup between Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have recently trended toward a growing reconciliation between the famous rappers. Yet, in a sudden twist of events, Meek Mill took to his trusty Instagram account to post the photo of a huge diamond-encrusted ring on his pinky finger -- the kind of jewel only a woman would wear. Incidentally, Minaj posted the same ring on her IG account two months ago.

Some would think Meek took back the ring from her after their breakup. Yet, the Philly rapper took time out of his presumably busy day -- in the studio polishing up that DC4.5 tape, no doubt -- to shoot down the rumor.

"Ya'll gotta let me breathe a lil bit wit all these made up stories lol," he posted on Baller Alert's side-by-side comparison of the rings. "Who's paying y'all?"

Maybe it's all a coincidence, maybe not -- what do you think?