Well this is interesting, if true. On Thursday night, Kanye’s frequent collaborator & longtime producer, Hudson Mohawke, reportedly took to Snapchat to reveal some information about the physical appearance of the album's CD.

According to the snap, there’s a photo of what looks to be an "all black" CD, with a small piece of paper with the title So Help Me God (Snapchat apparently takes mirrored pictures so its read backwards). As you all probably know, Snapchat’s photos disappear after a few seconds, but thanks to a certain follower of Hudson Mohawke, the picture was quickly saved before being deleted (with an impressive 4 seconds to spare I must add).

Of course, this all-black CD hasn’t been confirmed, but its definitely something we can see Kanye pulling out of the bag. Look for more updates and/or a surprise release of the album to be on the way shortly.

You a fan of the "all black" look?

[Via Complex]

[Update: HudMo Confirms It Wasn't Him]

Hudson Mohawke has taken to twitter to confirm he does not have Snapchat, and thus, the Snapchat perpetrating to show the So Help Me God "all-black" album was fake. 

The story was initially reported by Complex yesterday. HudMo hopped on twitter to clarify, saying, "Don't even have snapchat heh." He added, "So crazy ppl pretending to be me [snake emoji]."

This isn't the first time trolls have duped the internet, and it won't be the last.