Could we be seeing an upcoming collaboration between Drake and 50 Cent in the near future? According to 50/50 Konvict Muzik A&R & artist D-Teck, Drizzy and Fif have put together a new song that is a banger.

Taking to twitter yesterday, D-Teck posted that he had just heard a song from the two superstars that made him put his gun fingers in the air and go “Bomboclaaaaat!!”. Fans then began to ask D-Teck if the 50 Cent and Drake collaboration will appear on 50‘s new album Street King Immortal, to which he responded saying "he can’t tell" (see tweets below).

Take note that this has not been confirmed by either parties, and could be just one big internet troll and hoax. BUT many notable sources have been retweeting it and posting this story, so guess time will only tell if it holds true. 

We’ll keep you updated if any more news becomes available on this. For now, depict D-Teck's tweets yourself below. 

[Via AHH]