This past weekend at the American Music Awards saw Diana Ross not only taking over the stage in an electric performance of some of her best hits, “I’m Coming Out," “Take Me Higher” and “Ease on Down the Road," but the singer also received the biggest honour of the night as she won the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Diana also performed “The Best Years of My Life” before she welcomed her grandchildren on the stage to share the special moment with her, leading into another classic single, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

The singer was accompanied by all those that played an important role in her life, from her daughters Rhonda Ross Kendrick and Tracee Ellis Ross, to the Motown head who discovered her, Berry Gordy. Rhonda presented her mother with the trophy, “not just for women, not just for black folk, not just for singers, actors, performers and entrepreneurs who want to forge our own destiny, but for all of us!”

Diana tearfully gave a speech for the milestone moment saying, “This is all about love, This is my family and I’m sending love out there to each and everyone one of you—our global family. I’m so humbled. I love you so very much and I think you know that. I really, really love you so very much and I will hold onto this beautiful honour. Thank you.”

Tracee spoke to People after the award show where she shared a few words on her mother's achievement. 

“She’s a bit of an international treasure in my opinion," she said. “I’m excited that a younger generation gets to witness that, even just through the television screen. Also I think it’s a really extraordinary thing to honor somebody who’s had such an everlasting career, whose music has touched lives in such a poignant and special way. Music reaches into your heart, and my mom’s voice has been a part of people’s lives for a long time.”