For the 2017 Spring/Summer season LA brand Diamond Supply Co. decided to draw inspiration from the Vietnam war-time era, however this theme does not seem to carry itself throughout the rest of the collection.

While many spring collections this year are featuring strong political messaging about banding together and uniting, like JoeFreshGoods “Fuck Trump,” or one of many Supreme shirts, or even Palace’s “Palestine,” long sleeve logo tee, Diamond decided to follow the state of our country by going back in time.

Diamond’s spring/summer collection has one piece that stood out in particular, the “South Pacific Tour,” jacket states “When I Die Bury Me Face Down So The Whole World Can Kiss My Ass,” featuring a graphic of a skull with a snake intertwined. Dedicated to the war-time era and meant to be reminiscent of “souvenir items,” (wot?), the rest of the line doesn't really seem to tie into the Vietnam theme. From hoodies to trackpants, the rest of the line takes an activewear approach marked by “Diamond League,” and “Hardware Heavy Weights,” on a variety of pieces. There’s also a random graphic tee featuring Jimi Hendrix.

Call me overly sensitive, but with the current state of America this collection could not have come at a worse time. What streetwear enthusiasts call a “respectful salute to the war-torn past,” is really incredibly distasteful and the same old crap Diamond has been trying to push for years. 

Just my two cents but start digging your grave Diamond Supply. You can find this collection at GoodWill locations near you. Let us know what you think below in the comments.