Former professional wrestling superstar Diamond Dallas Page was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame over the weekend and today he joined the Dan Le Batard Show for a little post-Wrestlemania interview. 

During their conversation DDP, who now has his own brand of yoga called DDP Yoga, was asked by Le Batard about a backstage feud he once had with former wrestler Scott Steiner which was apparently a real beef and not something DDP wanted to talk about. 

Even though the altercation, in which one man allegedly tried to rip the other's eyes out, happened years ago DDP became increasingly pissed off as Le Batard pressed him for answers. 

"You tried to rip his eyes out!" Le Batard probed. "Or did he try to rip your eyes ? Who tried to rip whose eyes out there? Somebody tried to rip somebody’s eyes out there."

DDP kept his cool initially but then began calling Le Batard a monkey and ultimately cursed him out, saying, "Fuck you" live on-air before producers were able to pull the plug on the segment.

In the clip below you can see the tension ratcheting up before the sound cuts out during DDP's verbal tirade.

Check out the footage as well as some twitter reactions below.