Last night was a pretty surprising one for Dallas Cowboys fans as their team decided to sign the likes of Andy Dalton to a one-year deal. Dalton was recently released by the Cincinnati Bengals and many thought he would want to be a starter somewhere. By going to Dallas, he has basically guaranteed that he will be a backup to Dak Prescott next season.

However, Prescott is currently in contract negotiations with the Cowboys and both sides seem to be at odds. Former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has been watching this situation closely and last night, he sounded off on the Dalton signing. As he explains, the Cowboys need to stop disrespecting their star QB.

"Nothing against Andy dalton because I think he’s a great player..but the cowboys are extremely out of line... Pay Dak... I watched the cowboys pay Tony Twice once without a winning rec... I guess the cowboys viewing the QB position a plug in piece because of the dominant offense," Bryant wrote.

Bryant knows what it's like to go through these contract talks so his insight is fairly interesting. Not to mention, he has played for the Cowboys and knows just how much money they bring in every single year.

Over the next few weeks, it will be interesting to see how Prescott's negotiations will play out, especially with the addition of Dalton on the roster.