Though the once-beloved series Dexter may not have stuck the landing, many have remained hopeful that the upcoming ninth season will ultimately bring the narrative to a satisfying conclusion. Set to premiere this fall on Showtime, the revival effort will find Michael C. Hall reprising his role as the iconic antihero, alongside new faces Clancy Brown (tapped to play the antagonistic "unofficial mayor" of the small town Iron Lake), Julia Jones, Jamie Chung, Alano Miller, and Jack Alcott.

Today, the official Dexter Twitter page has come through with the first teaser trailer, setting the tone for what's to come. Clocking in at an easily digestible runtime of ten seconds, the clip features a hatchet embedded in a stump -- a clear allusion to Dexter's shift into the lumber trade. "There really is nothing like getting back to nature," says Dexter, a return to his signature voiceover. "My nature.”


 Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As the familiar music cue kicks in, the clip cuts to the title screen, its snowy backdrop a stark contrast to the traditional Miami setting. On that note, it's as of yet unclear if any of the longtime series regulars will be returning to the fold, with the fates of characters like Angel, Masuka, Hannah, and Quinn left currently unknown. What has been revealed, however, is that the upcoming season will take place in both Iron Lake and New York, as per a casting call cited by Collider. 

Be sure to check out the first glimpse at the upcoming season of Dexter, which marks the welcome return of showrunner Clyde Phillips, who helmed the series for the first four seasons. Are you excited to see the Bay Harbor Butcher paint the snow this autumn?